Of Days, 2019



Of Days, 2019, 68″ x 217″ inches, Graphite on canvas

I struggle to find the words to talk about this piece. Not because I lack any, but rather that I have too many. To sum it as best I can, it is a compression of ancient and contemporary African experiences. More on this topic in a future post but I am noticing a trend that I unknowingly created for myself; capturing moments in time.

This drawing is an attempt to capture the past and the present in one panoramic frame. Through appropriation and collage, I have knitted what I hope conveys the moving stillness that is African and African American culture. Over the decades (even centuries) traditions of dance and celebration are still valued and practiced in both cultures even today.

Time is an intricate concept and I’ve had a particularly difficult time drawing it. It is elusive, but ever-present, a guiding force in our daily lives that is the framework upon which we build our economies and relationships. We spend the majority of our days chasing it and our last breaths begging for more. I believe Time has a life of its own, one that, if we are lucky, we capture in awe.

I hoped to capture that rare moment of awe in this piece; To allow the majestic essences of history and ancient traditions to transition fluidly between fragments of the here and now.

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