Rather than seeking a resolution to the ongoing abjection of Blackness, Kimberly’s work symbolizes the wake in which the legacy of Black humanity has and continues to exist.

Delving curiously into the lives of her elders, both living and deceased, Kimberly positions herself as a “keeper of stories” - someone who cultivates and shares a collective familial experience of Blackness through archival modes of memory, spirituality, and place. In doing so, she aims to surface a transgenerational connection to spaces that are, at once, seen and unseen.

Using projections of photographs from her family’s private collection, Kimberly constructs figurative translations of communal ‘micro-moments’ onto canvas through a dynamic palette of monochromatic drawing and painting mediums. Absent of color, subjects and their environments are rendered with varying textures and values. From gestural brushstrokes to cross-hatchings and smudgings – Kimberly’s oscillating markings coalesce to form muted reincarnates of their archival origins. Through this process of reconstruction, a throughline of emerges, evincing the modalities of Blackness across time.